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Can you predict the days in stock for the car you are looking at?
Can you combine the trade-in process with a hyper-personalized offer for a new car or younger used car?
Do you know the transaction prices and typical configurations of the used cars in your region and can you use that in your trade-in process?
Serving leads generated from your website to remarketing your stock vehicles online results in a great efficiency increase. The ability to complement with market insights and prediction based on our data driven approach makes it one-of-a-kind.
The Trade-In summary view allows the dealer to instantly identify the residual value of vehicles cross-brand and define the next best action with the potential customer.
Integrate the trade-in white label module to the dealers’ website and serve the consumers demand for residual value estimation and self-service. Just a few clicks to start the digital experience for consumers online.

Figures from the 2018 DAT-report show that 81% of the new car buyers and 70% of the used car buyers previously owned a car.

A precise residual value calculation is not only an essential part of the trade-in process, the expectations on the consumer side are changing, too. Today 63% of the new car buyers and 91% of the used car buyers are consulting at least one online source to get an idea of the residual value of their car.

The trend from the past years clearly shows how the demand for information on the consumer side is unstoppable shifting towards online sources.


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